The Lancaster Children’s Home is committed to providing comprehensive problem-solving services in the most effective and least restrictive setting possible.  Our full array of services allows us to offer programs from a wide variety of settings and problem-solving modalities while our goal is to keep families together whenever possible.  If the reunification of family is feasible for the child, we strive to reunify family as soon as possible by providing the child and family the tools they need to live together successfully.  If reunification of the family is not in the best interest of the child, LCH utilizes available resources to best prepare the child for their next stage in life.

Our program highlights include:

  • Teaching children how to be responsible and how to make positive choices for themselves.
  • Teaching each child how to identify internal and external controls and how to respond to each.
  • Preparing each child to learn independent living skills.
  • On staff Social Worker and other qualified staff provides individual, group and family problem-solving sessions.
  • School and other available sports and other recreational programs and clubs are encouraged.
  • In 2015, LCH partnered with the Lancaster County School District to develop a tutoring program which begins each school year and lasts throughout the summer.