Community Support

The Lancaster Children’s Home relies on Community Support. It is through this support that we are able to maintain operation of the facilities and provide care to young boys and girls.

There are several ways you can give:

Monetary – The Lancaster Children’s Home depends upon donations to continue supporting the children of our community. We rely on monetary donations for approximately one-third of our operating budget to financially support the services provided to neglected children. Donations are used for general care of the children, operating expenses, or designated for a specific project, program or activity. Donations to our restricted funds, or “Endowment” are invested and used in our long-term approach to care for the children.

In-Kind – The Lancaster Children’s Home is delighted to receive many items, which are determined as items to be used or to be sold for fund to be applied to the operating account. Good quality clothing items are stored in our clothing closet and are dispersed to the children, as needed. Other needed items are: house supplies, furniture items, recreational items, books and school items, computers and computer software and supplies.

Stock – Stock donations are accepted and placed in our investment account, unless donated to be sold for a particular purpose. All stocks are reviewed yearly by our Financial Committee made up of board members who work in financial fields. Please call us to learn more about how you can designate stock to help support the Home.

Planned Giving – Wills, estates, and bequests are extremely valuable in helping us care for the boys of our community. Please call for a personal visit and/or information on how you can benefit the Lancaster Children’s Home with your planned giving.

Volunteer – Giving of your time can be the most valuable gift you can give these children.  Please contact us about our volunteer program.

We are a 501c3 organization.  Donations are tax deductible and for your tax records, thank-you letters are mailed designating a specific gift as tax deductible.

Contact Us
We appreciate any and all support you can give that will help us maintain our services for these young people.  To make a contribution you can mail your check or money order to the address below.  You can also call April Joplin, Director of Community Development or email us if you have questions about supporting the Lancaster Children’s Home.

Lancaster Children’s Home, Inc.
Attn: April Joplin 
P.O. Box 416
Lancaster, SC  29721
Phone:  803-286-5277  Ext. 9221
Fax:  803-286-5459