In your home, you take care of the daily necessities of life and make certain that your children have all of the basic essentials in food, clothing, and proper shelter. The Lancaster Children’s Home is no different.  Basic necessities are always needed and your donations are greatly appreciated.  The next time you and your family go shopping, please remember to pick up a few extra items for the home.

A good “rule of thumb” regarding “what” and “how many” items that are needed is: we are in need of and use the same items you do in your own home (laundry detergent, cleaning products, food, personal hygiene items, school supplies, clothing, etc.), but we need about 20 times more as we average housing 28 children at the time but serve an average of 120 different children over the course of any given school year.

Gift cards work wonders for those children who present to the home with nothing but the clothes they are wearing!

See attached List of Needs

List of needs August 2016

Feel free to call for a list of our current most needed items and sizes.

The list is endless.  Just take a look around your home and donate items you are no longer using or your children have outgrown.  Another great idea is to pick up two of several items that you purchase for your children and donate one of them to the Children’s Home.

Your generosity and kindness is always appreciated by the staff and children.  The smallest gift can make a great contribution to a child’s life.