The Lancaster Children’s Home ensures that each child has the daily necessities of life, such as food, clothing, and proper shelter.

The amount of supplies needed for the Girl’s Home and the Boy’s Home is based on the number of children we serve. If you are planning to donate and are unsure of which items are needed and how much is needed,a good “rule of thumb” regarding “what” and “how many” items are needed is:

We use the same items you use your own home (cleaning products, food items, personal hygiene items, school supplies, clothing, etc.), but we need about 20 times more, as we average housing 28 children daily, but serve an average of 120 different children over the course of a year.

We frequently welcome children into the home with nothing but the clothes they are wearing. Gift Cards are very helpful in providing immediate needs for these children upon arrival, such as a new pair of shoes. 

Please refer to the attached “ongoing” NEEDS LIST:


For current special or emergency needs and specific clothing sizes, please call 803.286.5277.

Your generosity and kindness is always appreciated by the staff and children. The smallest gift can make a great contribution to a child’s life.

Raising the Promise of Tomorrow.